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Financial Indicators

The key mission behind regional development is to be as close to the customer as possible. Regional development is the key component of the company’s strategy. The BALTIC LEASING group started its regional expansion in 2001, and the company’s affiliates were opened in areas of high potential demand of leasing services.

Today the BALTIC LEASING group is represented in all major cities of the country. Any branch is capable of providing a full range of leasing services.

In terms of quality and efficiency, branches of the BALTIC LEASING group use the same techniquesas the Head Office. In the last few years, the branches have shown an increasing demand in the regional transactions in the company’s sales.

In many Russian regions, BALTIC LEASING is an accredited leasing company participating in government programs that subsidize leasing payments. Participation in these programs allow customers get compensation of costs already incurred making their business more efficient and profitable.

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